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Case Results


Wrongful death auto collision

$4,560,000 settlement during trial on behalf of the family of a pedestrian who was struck and killed in an auto collision.


Failure to diagnose heart condition

$1,500,000 settlement against physician and hospital for failure to properly interpret EKG results and failure to timely diagnose the patient's heart condition, which left the patient with severe cardiac dysfunction.


Severe injuries in automobile collision

$1,250,000 settlement for a woman who suffered severe injuries in an automobile collision.


Negligent medication administration

$650,000 settlement for a patient who received excessive insulin during treatment which caused a hypoglycemic coma and permanent brain damage.


Failure to diagnose infection

$500,000 settlement against physician and hospital for failure to diagnose the patient's infection, which led to necrotizing fasciitis.


Failure to properly perform breast reconstruction surgery

$450,000 settlement against a plastic surgeon who improperly performed a bilateral breast reconstruction surgery following the patient's double mastectomy.


Defective hip implant

$301,500 settlement against prosthetic hip manufacturer after defective hip implant allowed excessive levels of chromium into the patient's bloodstream.


Failure to diagnose kidney infection

$300,000 settlement against physician and physician's group for failure to diagnose acute pyelonephritis, a potentially life threatening kidney infection.

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