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Attorneys for Those Injured While Riding E-Scooters in Chicago, Illinois

Using e-scooters as a means of public transportation has been commercialized over the past two years. The scooters are marketed as a convenient and enjoyable transportation alternative. However, many riders fail to recognize the many dangerous injuries caused by riding scooters on city streets. The transportation devices may be new to the streets of Chicago, but the personal injury accidents caused by scooter use remain consistent. At Livas Law Group, A Division of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, we have worked with multiple clients who have suffered from injuries caused while riding e-scooters in Chicago. Our legal professionals have considerable experience handling the legal process required to pursue compensation from negligent drivers, manufacturers, distributors, or sellers.

Legal Assistance for Injuries Caused While Riding Scooters in Chicago

If you have been the victim of an accident, your life may be changed forever. Even minor and temporary injuries such as a sprain can impact your working ability, level of income, and personal life for a period of time. On the other hand, serious injuries can leave a lasting mark on your present and future quality of life.  Many scooter riders have learned the ramifications first-hand. While pedestrians also face potential injuries by sharing the sidewalk with scooters, riders have some of the highest risks of injury.

Chicago is in the midst of a four-month testing period for e-scooters on its streets; however, many large cities have already found a permanent place for this transportation mode. Cities such as Los Angeles, California, and Austin, Texas have seen the danger that these scooters pose to their citizens. Two Los Angeles emergency departments found that more people were injured while riding scooters in a year than were injured riding bicycles or walking. There were 249 patients with scooter-related injuries whereas only 195 bicycle injury patients and 181 injured pedestrians reported.

Since the use of scooters as public transportation is relatively new, the Austin Public Health Department conducted one of the first scooter-related injury studies. This three-month study focused on 190 riders who suffered scooter accident injuries in Austin. There were many commonalities found in the study. For instance, 48% had injuries to the head, 70% sustained injuries to the upper limbs, and 55% had injuries to the lower limbs. Many of these injuries were so severe that the riders spent more than 48 hours in the hospital.

Scooter riders can suffer injuries for many reasons, including a faulty device or simply losing control of the scooter. Regardless of the situation, it is important to seek out an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney to maximize your physical and financial recovery. At Livas Law Group, we have compiled a team of professionals who can assess your medical records and help you seek full justice for your suffering through the legal system. Our team works tirelessly with each client to ensure that they receive our full attention to their case. If you have suffered a serious injury while riding a scooter in Chicago, contact our attorneys at 312-804-6102 for a free consultation.

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