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Understanding the Dangers of Falling Ice in Chicago

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Chicago personal injury attorneysWintertime can be a beautiful season throughout the city of Chicago due to the snowfall and holiday decorations. Although the sights can be breathtaking, it is imperative to understand the risks that are often associated with winter weather conditions. Falling chunks of ice can strike an individual, causing severe injuries and even death. Before simply accepting or dismissing the incident as happenstance, a victim should seek legal help from Livas Law Group, A Division of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can work with a victim or their family to help recover compensation linked to negligence.   

How Does a Falling Ice Injury Occur?

As the skyline of Chicago continues to grow with additional buildings, pedestrians should be aware of the possible hazards that can result. Once snow on a roof begins to melt because of sunshine or building heat, water will flow down from the top of the building. If temperatures are below freezing, that melted water will form into icicles. The accumulation of additional water molecules will increase the size and weight of an icicle. Although the build-up of frozen water may be interesting to look at, there is a chance that it could fall to the ground. Warmer weather dramatically increases the probability of an icicle detaching.  

How Can Icicle Injuries Be Avoided by Pedestrians?

For Chicago citizens and tourists alike, there are several things that can be done to limit the possibility of an icicle injury. During the winter season, pedestrians and motorists should be aware of their surroundings. If possible, avoid walking under a roof overhang with ice buildup. In addition, a person traveling on foot should never stand still underneath or near an icicle formation. If ice begins to fall from a structure, it is important to get as far away as possible. 

Who is Liable for an Icicle Injury?

In Chicago, negligent snow and ice removal can leave a business or property owner responsible for any resulting injuries. Since the City of Chicago Municipal Code requires a building owner to clear a five-foot wide path along the sidewalk of their real estate, falling icicles could factor into premises liability. Although city code does not require owners to put out warning signs about falling ice, several businesses utilize them to help limit culpability. In many cases, the City of Chicago Department of Buildings will work with property owners to resolve the issue. 

Contact a Chicago Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been struck by a falling icicle, financial compensation may be owed. Negligent icicle removal can lead to pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of present and future wages. In order to better understand your legal rights after an injury, it is important to contact the Livas Law Group. Our knowledgeable Chicago personal injury lawyers can help determine who is responsible for an injury. Call our office today at 312-804-6102 to schedule a free consultation. 






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