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What Should a Pedestrian Do After a Wintertime Car Accident in Chicago?

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Chicago personal injury attorneysAs ice, snow, and slush starts to become more common throughout the city of Chicago, pedestrians are at a higher risk of suffering a personal injury. While there are steps that individuals traveling by foot can take to reduce the chances of being injured, it is impossible to control the negligent actions of others. For instance, a sliding vehicle can create a dangerous situation for everyone in the general area. At Livas Law Group, A Division of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, we are knowledgeable on the topic of pedestrian accidents and we are here to help. If you or a loved one has suffered because of the reckless actions taken by a motorist, financial compensation may be awarded.   

What Can Cause a Winter Car Accident?

In a city that accommodates millions of individuals on a daily basis, the roads and sidewalks of Chicago are often filled with people trying to get from one location to another. First and foremost, it is important for motorists and sidewalk users to understand the rules of the road. According to Chicago Ordinance 9-24-030, a pedestrian will have the right-of-way at a crosswalk or intersection that is clearly marked and has stop signs in place. Similar to a motorist, however, a pedestrian will also have to follow traffic-control signals at an intersection or crosswalk. With the prevalence of snow, ice, and black ice, the possibility of a car making contact with a pedestrian that is crossing the street can dramatically increase. Most commonly, a collision would take place due to:

  • Decreased vision of the motorist
  • Slippery road conditions, increasing the amount of time it takes to stop
  • Poor vehicle conditions, such as inadequate tire traction, broken windshield wipers, or non-functioning headlights

If the individual on foot was injured in an area that he or she was legally allowed to be, fault could be placed solely on the motorist.

What Actions Should a Victim Take? 

Immediately after an accident occurs, a pedestrian should remain calm and try to comprehend the gravity of the situation. Reacting inappropriately could lead to the situation escalating, and any form of apology could be viewed as an admission of fault. After being struck by a car, a pedestrian should:

  • Safely relocate to the side of the road, if possible.
  • Exchange information with the motorist. Do not “shake off” the incident.
  • Contact the authorities, and file a report.
  • Document any injuries, damage, or useful information from the scene.
  • Attempt to locate any witnesses.
  • Seek medical attention, as instant or delayed injuries can result.
  • Retain any paperwork and expenses related to the event.
  • Consult legal counsel.       

Contact a Chicago Pedestrian Accident Attorney

In many situations, insurance companies may try to offer a deal to the victim that is substantially less than what should be awarded. Pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of freedom must be considered, and such concerns are often not covered by the initial offer. Before you sign anything or agree to any settlements, you should contact an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer. At Livas Law Group, we will fight for your right to financial compensation. For a free consultation, call our office today at 312-804-6102.  





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