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What You Need to Know About Chicago Scooter Injury Cases

Suffering from any level of injury can threaten your livelihood. Severe injuries can alter your ability to work, provide for your family, and perform basic activities; even minor injuries can impact you and your family's financial stability. At Livas Law Group, A Division of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, we understand how devastating these unexpected obstacles can be for an individual and their family. Our legal team represents those injured by Chicago e-scooters. Attorney Christopher S. Livas and Medical Legal Consultant Lauren A. O'Keefe work together to provide our injured clients with professional legal representation while pursuing compensation for their suffering.

Scooter Injury FAQs

With a new electric scooter program rolling out in the city, Chicagoans are bound to have inquiries about the program, the transportation devices, and the city's regulations on the test project. For many, the scooters seemed to have appeared overnight with little warning or information about the program. A total of 10,000 scooters have been placed on Chicago's streets, warranting various questions from Chicago citizens.

  • How does the e-scooter program work? The e-scooters work hand-in-hand with smartphones to make them easily accessible to the masses. Each scooter company has their own smartphone application that allows consumers to purchase a ride. Individuals must download the company's app and add a credit or debit card to their account to pay for the ride. Much like a taxi, the price of each ride is determined based on the distance. The scooters do not have established "parking spots," although riders are required to lock a scooter to a fixed object when they arrive at their destination.
  • How long will the program last in Chicago? Following a four-month pilot program in 2019, the city has launched an expanded e-scooter pilot program that will run from August to December, 2020. Afterward, the city will decide whether or not the scooters will become a permanent option for commuters on Chicago's streets. 
  • Where can I ride the scooters? Currently, scooters are available to use throughout the City of Chicago, with the exception of Lakefront Trail, the Bloomingdale Trail, and the Central Business District. Scooter companies are required to deploy at least 50% of their devices in an "equity priority area," which includes the South Side and West Side.
  • Where are the e-scooters parked? The city of Chicago states that the scooters will be subject to the same parking requirements as regular private bikes such as Divvy bikes. The following are approved e-scooter parking locations: designated public bike racks and corrals, retired parking meters, covered bike parking structures, and street signs, with the exception of bus stop signs. Scooters must be locked to a fixed object at the end of a ride, and they must be parked with at least six feet away from obstructions to the public way. Scooters cannot be parked within 10 feet of an intersection or in places that block fire hydrants, bus stops, entrances to train stations, building entrances, or loading zones.
  • Are the devices available 24/7? The e-scooters will not be available 24/7. Individuals can ride the scooters from 5 am to 10 pm.
  • What should I do if I was injured by a scooter driven by someone else? If possible, get the contact information of the scooter driver. If it was a hit and run accident, note the location where the accident occurred and, if possible, the scooter rental company. Our attorneys can help you identify the scooter driver who hit you by requesting records from the scooter company or obtaining other types of evidence, such as footage from any nearby security cameras.
  • I was injured while riding a defective scooter. What can I do? Make sure to fully document the extent of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident. Our lawyers can help you understand your options for pursuing compensation from the scooter rental company and/or the scooter manufacturer.
  • Does my car insurance cover me while riding a scooter? Car insurance policies typically do not cover vehicles with fewer than four wheels. In some cases, scooter rental company insurance policies may provide coverage for accidents that occur, but following an injury, it is always advisable to speak with our attorneys to determine your options for recovering compensation.
  • While riding a scooter I hit a pothole and was injured. Who is responsible? The City of Chicago may be liable for failing to address road hazards such as potholes that were the direct cause of your injury. In addition, the scooter company or manufacturer may be liable if there was a defect in the scooter that made it impossible for you to avoid a hazard.
  • How can I find the scooter driver that injured me? Scooter rental companies use GPS to track the locations of scooters and the distance traveled. Our attorneys can query the company to determine the identity of a person who was riding a scooter in the location of your injury at the time it occurred. We can also use other methods to find the identity of a driver, such as security cameras from nearby businesses or traffic cameras operated by the City of Chicago.
  • I tripped over a scooter that was blocking the sidewalk and broke a bone. Can I sue? Riders are required to park scooters safely and lock them to a fixed object, and rental companies are required to move scooters that are in the way of foot traffic. If you were injured by tripping over a scooter, our attorneys can help you identify the liable party and determine your options for pursuing compensation.
  • When is the scooter company, such as Bird, Lime, or Spin, accountable for an injury related to their scooter? If an injury occurred because of a defective scooter, it may be possible to hold the scooter rental company responsible. It may also be possible to pursue compensation in other circumstances, such as when a scooter is operated outside the approved area in Chicago's pilot program, or when a scooter was not parked in a safe location. Our lawyers can help you determine your options for recovering compensation from a negligent scooter company.
  • Does the City of Chicago have any responsibility for injuries caused by scooters? If an accident occurred because of an unsafe roadway or intersection, the City of Chicago may be liable for your injuries. It may be possible to hold the city responsible if injuries occurred because of the failure to properly regulate scooter use, such as if too many scooters parked on a sidewalk led to tripping hazards.
  • I was visiting Chicago but am from out of state. Can you represent me in my scooter injury case? The high number of tourists and visitors from the Chicago suburbs that walk and ride on the city's streets place more than just Chicago residents at risk. At Livas Law Group, we represent anyone injured in scooter accidents, regardless of where you live.

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At Livas Law Group, A Division of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, we represent anyone injured in scooter accidents, regardless of your residential location. If you have suffered an injury from a scooter in Chicago, contact our office at 312-804-6102 for a free consultation today.

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