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Lauren A. O’Keefe 

Lauren A. O’Keefe

Medical Legal Consultant

Lauren A. O'Keefe joined Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz in 2013 to aid the firm in taking a well-rounded, informed approach to their clients' injury cases. Ms. O'Keefe has nearly a decade of experience as a medical legal consultant. She focuses on medical malpractice, birth injuries, personal injury, and wrongful death.

Ms. O’Keefe has represented hundreds of clients in complex medical malpractice cases involving obstetric negligence, surgical mistakes, cerebral palsy, and missed or delayed diagnosis of severe and fatal health issues.

Her experience is not solely in the medical malpractice area. Ms. O’Keefe has assisted with numerous personal injury cases involving construction site injuries, truck accidents, railroad girder bridge collapses, and vehicle accidents.

Lauren's high level of experience in the legal field earned her an invitation to present to OBGYN and surgical residents and fellows at hospitals throughout the Chicago area. Recently, she presented at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago to speak to trauma surgery fellows during a Grand Rounds presentation.

Ms. O'Keefe is an integral asset to Livas Law Group and furthers the firm's ability to advocate for victims of scooter injuries. Her experience and knowledge of the medical field when combined with the legal skills of the firm's attorneys help Livas Law Group successfully fight for its clients.

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